Updating Upcoming Meetings

Step 1

Login to the NKC WordPress Admin panel:


Step 2

On the WordPress Dashboard,

A Hover over “Appearance” and
B Click on “Customize”

Step 3

On the Customizing screen,

C click the blue pencil beside UPCOMING MEETINGS

Step 4

D Change the meeting info in the text box on the left (scroll down to view / change the Membership Meeting)


E Underneath the “NEXT BOARD MEETING” info are two “group” commands contained in square brackets:

[groups_member group="Officers"]

Anything between these commands will only be visible to club members with the status of “Officer” (if they’re logged on to the website). This could be used to provide a private link for a Zoom video conference.


F Similarly, underneath the Next Membership Meeting info are the following two “group” commands contained in square brackets:

[groups_member group="Registered"]

In this case anything between these commands will be visible to anyone who is logged on to the website. Since website logons are only provided to club members, this could be used to provide club members with a link to a Zoom video conference.

Step 7

When finished Customizing:

G You must click the “Publish” button to publish the changes to the website.

H After publishing the changes, click the “x” to exit the Customizing screen and return to the WordPress Dashboard.

Step 8

I The WordPress cache needs to be cleared to ensure the new changes are displayed. On the WordPress dashboard hover over “Settings” and select “WP Super Cache”.

Step 9

J Scroll down to the “Delete Cache” button and click it.

Step 10

K On the next screen, click the Delete Cache button again.

The End

This completes the update. You can log out of the WP Admin by hovering over your icon in the upper-right corner and clicking “Log Out”.